I'm Dustin, and I want to equip you for your highest potential. First impressions are drawn within the first 5 seconds of viewing anything. Be it a product, an ad, packaging on store shelves, or even a website. Conclusions are drawn quickly. We can work together to tell your story within those critical first few moments . . . and create something memorable.

A snapshot:

I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005 with an Industrial Design BFA. My first ride out of college came from Helix Design in Manchester, NH. Helix came to SCAD to interview our graduating class and offered a starting gig to get the career going. An open ended design consultancy, Helix has expertise in new ideation and getting product on the floor. Almost two years later I was introduced to a few key members from Contour Design in Windham, NH. Contour specializes in consumer electronic accessories, piggy backing off apple’s success to create protective cases for the iPhone and other devices. Contour was ready to take their designwork in-house. They previously outsourced graphics, packaging, and even product design and offered a position to kick start their new venture as their first designer. Three and a half years later Contour’s success continues and our design team grew quickly to seven members. . . .

I resigned from my position at Contour in November of 2011 to consult independently. I welcome an opportunity to get to know you and see if my capabilities can serve you and your team.

Let’s get started!